Build the project in the site: Part 1. Add scripts, meta tags for the project and pages

On January 17, we updated the site version to 1.5 in which we made many interface and functional changes. And so, in this series of articles we will tell you how to turn your project into a ready-to-use website.

In order to turn your project into a working site, you need to take several steps:

  1. Create and compose pages - prepare the web pages that are needed on the site. Make pages in our editor.
  2. Define the tags and scripts of the project and pages - embedding scripts on pages or indication metatags for browsers and search engines
  3. Determine the structure of pages in the project - define the hierarchy of the site pages relative to the main page
  4. Build the project - assembling your project into a ready site and downloading it

Today we will consider in detail item 2.

Define metatags and scripts.

As you know, metatags are used to store information intended for browsers and search engines. In Wikipedia, there is a detailed article about their appointment, so we will not talk about them for a long time.

Scripts are intended for implementation certain actions on the page. If you intend to use a script on all pages, it is expediently to add them to the project that it was available on all pages of the site and on the contrary if a script is needed for one page, you need to add them to page settings.

This also works with metatags..

The process of adding scripts and tags is the same for the pages and the project, the only difference in the settings of the page can be prescribed its headline, so we will consider them together

To go to the settings, you need to click on the menu item of the project or page, as shown in the images on the right.

Entering the project settings
Entering settings at the page

Form of project settings in the open position. When you click the add buttons, a window appears for entering the parameters, after filling them you click save - the addition is completed. After the addition, the new information will immediately appear on the page.

Parameters for page settings. Everything is the same as the project settings, only in addition you can write the title of the page, which is displayed on the browser tab and search engines. To change it, fill in the field, the information will be saved automatically.

Script settings

  • Script file - select a script file from your computer
  • Asynchronous loading - downloading the script to the page occurs regardless of the page load, does not slow the page load
  • Running after the page is loaded - the script will run after the page has been fully loaded

MetaTag Parameters

  • Name - the name of metatage
  • Value - value of metatages, given in the name field

Metatags and scripts play a big role for the site, so they need to be used. Scripts - for users, metatags - for search engines and the browser. We tried to simplify as much as possible the addition of these parameters, so that it would take you a minimum of time.