Website layout with a mouse is a new trend!

Website layout in our time

At the moment, people have been typing HTML pages for over 20 years

Progress certainly does not stand still and at present there are many programs that facilitating and accelerating the creation of web pages due to the syntax highlighting, the insertion of template markup, etc., but still it does not save us from writing a lot of HTML markup

 Website layout
For the time of the existence of HTML, we have not switched to an interactive model for creating web pages, there are certainly site constructors, but they do not represent flexibility when creating the design of your page and mostly you "dance" from the layout you chose, not noticeably changing the texts, images,      background, etc.
In this article we want to tell you that under the interactive model we mean the full creation of web pages from a blank page and up to finished page, putting into practice that design what you need without writing HTML code.

I want, but I can’t

Are you a person who does not know what HTML is? No problem. This service is designed for people who do not know the markup language
But it will be suitable for knowledgeable HTML, which will allow them to speed up their work

What this editor can?

This editor has a transparent model for creating web pages, thanks to the maximum level of interactivity, in which you do not need to write HTML, you work with the elements that you can manage and change their design.
All work is built on adding elements to a page or inserting them into other elements, customizing their styles until you embody the design of your page completely.
After the creation of the page or project, you can download it to your computer and then implement it on your website or CMS. Here's shown the editor window looks, in which the creation of web pages.
HTML editor

Mouse making is a new step in the web industry

We created an editor that simulates the creation of a site like when writing HTML, only this is all in a more interesting form without wasting time writing the text. The editor supports a variety of styles, so you are limited only by your imagination. In addition, we can create your own pages and under the system Wordpress

Only you form the design of the page - the editor is just a tool for faster creation of the site!